You have probably already noticed that robots are taking over the world in the various areas they are involved in, from medicine, industry to retail and transportation. This is inevitable, since the industrial revolution, machines were the preferred means of executing tasks, although there was not the technological progress that we see today, obviously and we recognize that the tone was set, back then.

Apart from the technological revolution the world is seeing now, there is something that most of us may not realize and it is simply the fact that in 20 years, around 50% of the jobs in America are gonna be replaced by robots and don`t twist my words, this is a global concern, especially in highly developed countries, for example, in Europe, such as Germany, France or Russia.

A study conducted by the Oxford University in 2013 revealed the following conclusions in relation to job replacement on American soil in the next decade or two.


I think this graphic is very enlightening, it really gets us on our toes. This is not the 80`s anymore, folks, we live in a generation where automation, the digital and the technological advantage are very present. I wonder what are those people gonna do when the robots take over their jobs, skilled people who worked almost all their lives in the same profession and know nothing else.

The fact is that there are more opportunities today than has ever been. Look at the digital, for example, millionaires are being made every day on the internet, thousands of entrepreneurs are succeeding online and even people who knew nothing about the online world.

An online business is an automated system, where your focus is doing most of the work in the beginning and the rest of the time is spent tweaking it and improving your message to the world. There is work involved, of course, but it`s a business model that follows the technological trend and it has so many ramifications to it than any other business out there, just look at e-commerce, app development, affiliate marketing or online consulting, it is also a business model that allows for someone to work everywhere in the world as long as an internet connection is available.

Source: The Economist

As you can see, the digital is the future, most people today spend more time on social media than watching TV and probably an approach to this new economy could be a solution for many of the people who are gonna lose their jobs in the next few years, certainly it`s a safer option when it comes to guaranteed income for life, because the internet never sleeps, contrariwise to the offline world, where people work from 9 to 5 and only get paid while they work. The online business gives you the possibility to earn while you sleep.

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