Accordingly to a study conducted by Gallup, only 13 percent of the world`s population is actively engaged in their work, investing in themselves and contributing to the growth of the organization therein. The study gathered samples from 140 countries and concluded that 63 percent of the workers are not engaged or unmotivated while 24 percent were unproductive and totally unhappy about their job. One factor that could explain these differences is the unemployment rate by region.
The US and Canada have the highest percentage of workers who say they are investing in their work, 29 percent.
Not surprisingly, the regions located in East Asia and South Asia
have the lowest percentage of work satisfaction.

This study presents alarming numbers… which brings me to a question: Why so many people get stuck in a job or career they don`t enjoy?

In my perspective, it`s all about mindset. I was born in a lower middle-class family, told to save money for the long-term, to go to college and get a good job… I was taught to follow everybody else because supposedly that was the best path. Later, when I decided to drop out of college, chasing a career I didn`t enjoy and going through several jobs, I realized that the conventual road only made me spin the wheels and going nowhere.

The problem back then was that I had the wrong information in my brain, usually, the common saying is that knowledge is power but, I think that`s not true… the right knowledge is power.

What was the solution for me to get out of the never-ending rat race?

Simply, got the right knowledge and made the decision that I wouldn’t follow the herd anymore, I was ready to make an impact on the world, changing lives and standing out from the crowd, so I decided to start my own business.

Standing out for me was the only possible path, I got a lot of criticism, especially in college, about my sharply addressed image, my goals and my mindset, but didn`t care, my biggest fear was not finding the money to start the business, the idea or the partner, was simply going back to the old and popular thinking, the obsolete mindset that is dragging some many people with a large potential to a job or career they don`t enjoy.

The only thing that went through my mind was: “Make the decision or you`ll hate yourself later!”

Thanks for reading!