Seeing this title remembers me of my childhood and certainly, you can remember too, when you wanted something, let`s say a candy and you insisted for somebody to give you what you wanted until you get it. I wonder what happens during our life that when we are adults, we almost forget to ask for the things we want, something happens in our brain that blocks our ability to go out there and get what we want out of life. This is related to something called selling, a topic covered by a book that absolutely changed my life, named Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life, by Grant Cardone. In his book, Grant talks about how it is crucial for somebody to be able to know who to sell anything in order to achieve everything they want in life. I will share the valuable 7 lessons I learned in the book.


#1 Be 100% sold

That´s right, being totally sold on you, your offer, your product can definitely help you to get your way in life, in business, relationships, no matter the situation. What you focus on is what you get and whatever energy you have related to your offer is what you will pass to others… people are not stupid, they pick it up when you are not sold on your service or idea.

#2 Get in the people business

For me and certainly for Grant, this is probably the most important point, before selling a product, we need to know what is my customer`s problem and how I can help him fix that problem by providing a solution, which would be my product. Putting your emphasis on helping someone rather than selling a service or product just for the money is halfway to your life`s success.

#3 Agree

The rule of thumb is to get your prospect, friend or spouse in the same state of mind by agreeing with them, it makes things easier than if you disagree, that way you will find yourself stuck and is very unlikely for someone to buy your idea or even turn someone`s mind around.

#4 Take action

Being relaxed, seated down, chilling out and doing nothing to sell your idea, product, vision or service won`t help you much, just like anything in life. If you apply lesson number 1, there is no reason for you or anybody else to not take this one seriously.

#5 Build your power base

Before going knocking on doors, pitching your product, why don`t you sell whatever you have to sell to your friends, family and closest related? Look, if you can`t sell your family, you can’t sell to anybody… that is the truth. I remember when I decided to start my business and I had to borrow money from my brother, I wasn’t thinking about a negative answer, I was focused on selling my idea the best way I possibly could.undefined

#6 Show, don`t tell

The best way to convince someone to buy into your idea is to show them facts, instead of telling. The visual sense can have a tremendous impact on how others engage with your proposition. Let`s say you are a real estate agency owner, instead of telling customers how great your service is, why not show them how are you gonna give them their dream home?

#7 Great attitude

You have probably heard a million times that maintaining a great attitude is a must to succeed at anything, but most people know it, but they don`t follow it, that`s why Grant as an extremely positive person, reinforces this idea in the book and I subscribe it.

Be aware that life is a sale and everything you want is a commission, go out there pitch your idea, sell anything and get everything you want out of life!

Thanks for reading.